Welcome to our “hotel harbour”. In 2010 the guest harbour was completely renovated as a part of the EU project “an archipelago with world class”. A part of this project was also to increase the number of berths in the harbour, this made us one of the biggest guest harbours in the High Coast with 70 places. The landing is a big wooden deck that enclose the whole harbour, pool area, restaurants and hotel area. This harbour offers more people the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful island, also known as the pearl of the Bothnian Sea.

All 70 berths have access to fresh water and electricity. Some of the berths offer buoy anchoring, others anchoring on a clean bottom. The depth of the harbour is aproximately 4 meters. The berths close to the service house is only aproximately 1 m though. There is a service house close to the harbour. In this house we offer access to kitchen, showers, laundrey room and bathrooms. Aproximately 700 m away from the harbour there is access to a small supermarket and also access to gasoline and diesel.

The harbour is open and manned from Midsummer to august. It is not possible to book berths. Please, do not hesitate to contact the hotel if you have any questions. We are glad to help you!


1 day with electricity            230 kr

1 day without elelctricity      195 kr

If you stay for more days you receive a 50% discount from the 2nd day forward.

The berthing charge is payed in the hotel front desk. The front desk is located on the 1st floor of the hotel. The hotel offer discounted prices on the breakfast for our boat guests and of course the bar is open and offer lovely drinks. If you want to treat yourself to a lovely dinner we recommend that you contact the hotel in advance to make a reservation in our very popular restaurant.

Code of conduct in the guest harbour:

  • Please keep the harbour quiet from 23.00
  • The skipper is responsible for the boat in accordance to maritime law
  • For security reason it is the skippers responsibility to make sure that some one is able to allways move the boat. Therefore we ask for the contact information to the skipper.
  • It is forbidden to lock the boat/yet ski to the harbour
  • It is the skippers responsibility to  check in the boat and make sure that the code of conduct is followed aboard the boat.
  • Barbeque is strictly forbidden within the harbour.
  • Garbage is to be thrown away in designated bins.
  • It is not allowed to dock with the broadside.
  • Ticket providing contact information of skipper and the payment is to be attached visible from the dock.
  • All boats should be docked either stern or fore and well secured.
  • Please leave all common areas such as bathrooms, kitchen and showers tidy.