What we love to eat

At Ulvö Hotel we have a particular fondness for our local farmers. We serve what we, ourselves, love to eat. Usually, our menu consists of classical Swedish dishes with a twist. When the farmer offers our chefs a young goat or the opportunity to buy fresh game during the hunting season, the kitchen jumps at the chance to create something extraordinary.

The High Coast area offers an abundance of local food artisans and farmers that produce a variety of products with passion. We have great respect and love for our local farmers and try our hardest to do their products justice.

We always aim to surpass our guests’ expectations.


Tobias Andersson
Head Chef


The Chef’s

We are a tight small team that work in the kitchen at Ulvö Hotel. Our passion for food is no secret. To cook is one of the easiest and hardest things you can do. Taste preference differ from person to person, so we simply serve what we our selves love to eat and enjoy cooking.

We are love the High Coast terroir and what our farmers produce for us, we cook the classics with a twist and we love guests that share our passion for good food.



It’s all about wine… 

…and the beer, the spirits, the non-alcoholic beverages… OK, let’s rephrase – it’s all about what we put in our glasses.

We are passionate about wine and take great pride in knowing where the wine we serve comes from. We are proud of our newly built wine cellar, which fuels and rewards our enthusiasm. Honest and natural wines made by truly amazing winemakers have a special place in our hearts and we prefer serving bio-dynamic, organic and natural wines.

Another passion of ours is beer, especially beer from micro-breweries. We are over the moon that the local brewery business is blooming throughout the High Coast area. And boy are they yummy! Together with the dishes from our kitchen, it’s a match made in heaven!

Our bar serves classical drinks with a twist, much the same way as our chefs prepare your dishes. We prefer mixing locally produced spirits in our cocktails – why would you ever want to buy anything other than the best gin in the world? The renowned distillery Hernö Gin is a mere 100 km away.


Best meal of the day

We love breakfast, it is our guess that our guests also love breakfast. Our baker starts the day in the dawn by baking the breakfast bread. The chef’s prepare many of our cold cut meats, such as liver paté and some of the sausages.  Most of the jams and marmalades are also made in house. And don’t miss our popular hotel muesli, it is awesome!. However we skip the pre cutting of the greens, we believe our guests are capable of doing this themselves. It saves some waste for mother nature and you get exactly what you want.
So take your pick from the buffet and sit back and enjoy your breakfast with the view of the harbor and the southern island of Ulvön.

External guests are also welcome to enjoy our breakfast. Please call us and make reservations.

Brekafast: 155 SEK

The breakfast is open between 07.00 – 10.00